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Cat Sanctuary

The estate is a no smoking area where the emphasis is on respect for the place, for other guests and for the cats.


You don’t need to be ‘cat crazy’ to stay here, just to have a kindness towards them and be willing to be with them in an easy way. They will not come into the houses generally, they have ample room in the lower gardens and surrounding hills but if they do, just gently ‘shoo’ them away.


See our Facebook page: God’s Little People Cat Rescue


While the cats mostly stay in the lower gardens if you meet them (you will) you are welcome to interact with them. If children or adults have never interacted with cats before, the caretakers of the estate will gladly schedule a session just to show you some simple ways respect their space and independence and safely stroke and cuddle them (not all cats like being picked up immediately).


It has left an indelible mark in many families to realize just how wonderful these ‘little people are – when they are cared for.                                                            


Only registered guests can stay in the houses, please.


Minimum one week stays in high season (preferably Saturday to Saturday)


The Sanctuary Team* want you to have an unforgettably wonderful time

* GLPCR is a Greek-registered charity

The villas are owned by Richard and Joan Bowell

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